Why Your Fitness Routine Isn’t Working For Weight Loss

Getting into a good routine in the gym is one of the best steps to transform your body. If you have created good consistency in your training and maybe your clothes are still tight or you are not seeing the scales start to move & you’re seeing no weight loss…. then keep reading.

Your strategy- A little bit of body work on the rusty vehicle you’ve neglected for the 10 years and turning it into an efficient sleek new mode of transport. It really does sounds easy when it’s put like that! However, with your body it does take a little more than just going full throttle on one thing. Combining your new workout regime with one or two of the things below is really going to make a difference to gaining momentum faster.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that frequent exercise isn’t working for you or you submit to the feeling that although your body feels loads better & you have more energy, you’re just never going to loose this unwanted weight. Not seeing progress to your weight loss goal can get really demoralising. So if you made it your mission to head into the gym consistently and you’ve not seen the results you wanted yet, hang on in there! We are going to identify what you need to work on next;

You’ve not changed your nutrition.

This could well be the biggest factor limiting your fat loss, I quite frequently hear this “Charlie I know what I should be doing”. Of course you know what you should be doing, but are you actually doing it? The simple formula for weight loss is burn more calories than you eat. Having this understanding is a great start, with the hundreds of diets plans and methods out there which one are you going to choose? Some people choose to cut our carbs, intermittent fasting, paleo, or even slimming world. We’ve found that not changing everything about your diet and focusing on daily habits is a really successful strategy.

You are not getting enough sleep/rest.

You are going to need it, you will have been putting your body under strain to make changes to your strength a fitness. Have you heard anything like this “you are a weak person I you can’t cope on 5-6 hours or less of sleep”, yes I’ve actually heard this! So what is the link between sleep a weight loss? During the day the body naturally increases and decreases appetite by changing hormones in our body. Ghrelin promotes the feeling of being hungry, and leptin contributes towards feeling full. A lack of sleep is know to increase the production of ghrelin making us feel more hungry even if we have eaten enough.

You spend too much time focusing on cardio.

Your body is constantly adapting, if you are doing the same thing day after day you can’t expect to see results. Your body will get used to doing the same thing. Adding cardio to your routine is a great addition to your weights routine for the health of your heart and helps for little extra fat burn. In order to change your physique you main focus should be on resistance training to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest (which should sound appealing to anyone). As an added benefit, this will not only reduce body fat and improve muscle mass, but also increase the strength of your bones.

You don’t move enough during the day.

Daily movement is key, a workout every other day just isn’t going to cut it. You crush your workouts in the gym but then sit behind the screen all day at work, after your long day Netflix is so appealing. Making some small changes to your day to day movement might be what you need to just tip the scales in your favour. It could be as simple as adding in a walk at lunch or after your evening meal, walking or riding your bike to work, or cleaning the house. Running around after two kids certainly does the job for me!

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