The Christmas gift list for your Functional Fitness gym buddy

It can sometimes be a real challenge to find the perfect gift for certain members of your family, after endless hours scrolling the internet and scouring the shops, when it all gets too much you just grab some socks and a selection box to save yourself the aggravation.

But what if you could have the inside information, the gifts that you know without doubt they’re going to love! We have gathered together our top 6 Christmas gift ideas for the fitness fan in your life, gifts that will, without a doubt put a smile on their face and set them up for a very Merry Fit-Mas!

A fitness tracker

Fitness Trackers

If their love of fitness covers everything – from an early morning workout to reaching a daily movement goal why not go for a smart watch that covers everything. The Apple Watch Series 6 is certainly an all-rounder, measure your blood oxygen level with a revolutionary sensor and app. Take an ECG anytime, anywhere. See your fitness metrics at a glance, and more wonderful features that give “fitness for life” a new meaning.

Skipping Rope

Skipping ropes

A cardio exercise that many world class athletes swear by, it can help to tighten the core and tone the legs, especially the lower leg muscles. It can help to improve balance and co-ordination and improve heart health. We know they’d love to nail a double under and impress their gym buddies and coaches so here’s the chance to get that extra practise in!



Whether it’s lightweight cushioning for HIIT and cardio or stability for strength training, Nike’s Metcon 7 X remains one of the most versatile shoes for everyday training. Flashy colours also help! A nice little feature is the tab lock for your laces – for anyone familiar with the frustration of shoes coming untied mid-double under!

Foam roller

Foam roller

When the DOM’s (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) really kick in foam rolling can help. It can relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation, all while helping to increase joint range of motion.How do i know which one to get? we hear you ask! When choosing a foam roller, you’ll also want to take the shape and size into consideration. A shorter roller is more effective for smaller areas like the calves and arms, for example. Shorter rollers are also are more portable if you plan to travel with your roller.

Smooth rollers

Textured rollers 

Foam-covered massage sticks 

Foam massage balls

Water bottle

Water Bottle

S’Well, eye catching, reusable, sustainable and BPA free water bottles get our vote! They will keep water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. The receiver will be sure not to leave one of these lying around at the gym.

GymShark activewear

Gymshark activewear

Having only fairly recently invested in Gymshark leggings myself. I can honestly say they are worth a little bit extra, they’re squat-proof, high waisted so you don’t have to yank them up after every burpee and they keep you dry and cool during the sweatiest workouts!

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