Client Spotlight – How Mimi reclaimed her fitness and confidence!

Today, Function Fitness are thrilled to share with you an inspiring journey of strength and perseverance. In our client spotlight we have Mimi, a remarkable individual whose story embodies the power of determination and the community support she has received at Function Fitness.

In her own words, Mimi takes us through her exhilarating experience at Function Fitness, where she has embarked on a journey to reclaim her fitness and confidence. Despite initial nerves and doubts, Mimi bravely stepped into the unknown in January 2023, driven by a desire to become the best version of herself.

Join us as we delve into Mimi’s journey where she shares with us her highs and lows and from overcoming setbacks and self-doubt to now celebrating victories both big and small.

What was your goal when you first started Function Fitness and how have you made progress toward that?

My goals were to get fitter and to tone up. I used to run but due to several injuries I had to stop. I’ve found that I am increasing my muscle tone and my strength is so much better. I have also found my metabolism has increased and I am slimmer than when I started.

In what way has Function Fitness supported you in achieving your goals?

Every few months we are given a goal review with a coach, this really helps and gives you a chance to get advice and gain a little more knowledge. I also think this reminds you what you are trying to achieve. All the coaches are really supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable.

Have you faced any particular challenges along the way?

I have faced several challenges over the past year, I have suffered with back issues for a long time and have found that I have to be really conscious of correct form for some lifts we do in classes. I am also good at not believing in myself, with advice and encouragement from the coaches and members from Function Fitness I have found I can push myself and am lifting weights and performing moves I’d never thought possible. I also struggle with time and trying to fit sessions in but with such a varied time of classes it makes it much easier. 

Tell us about any shining moments that stand out to you in your time at Function Fitness.

My proudest moments are the first time I lifted 25kg on a deadlift. I felt so proud of myself and can now lift even heavier than that!

I am also really proud of the fact I can lift the toolbox up at work which is something I used to have to get my husband to do!

What are your future goals?

I’ve recently joined in with the intrahouse games and have found that I can push myself even further and have been lifting the required weights during the games (although I don’t always complete the amount of rounds!) it’s the little wins. I keep telling everyone how much stronger I am now than a year ago and I love that I feel a real sense of pride in myself.

My future goals are to continue to challenge myself and to keep gradually increasing the weights so I can get even stronger. I think my ultimate goal is to one day do an unassisted strict pull up (these are definitely my toughest challenge).

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining Function Fitness?

When I first started, I was really worried about spending out the money each month as I’ve had gym memberships in the past but not used them. However, with Function Fitness, once I started and was going to classes regularly, I realised how much I was enjoying them and the progress I was making. I was encouraged by Mike to increase the amount of sessions I go to and I’m progressing even more now. I love going to sessions so much and the Intrahouse games have been so much fun too!

It’s such a lovely friendly place and everyone is encouraging and helpful. I would highly recommend you to come along and give it a go. It’s great for confidence, fitness, mental wellbeing and my 16year old son now comes with me too!

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