Feeling sore or run down? A massage might just be the answer.

Many of you will be aware of the great feeling you get after a massage, but how does a massage work and what benefits can you hope to get from one? In this blog I (Charlotte) am going to let you know a few reasons massage will make you feel great.

With a 700 muscles in the body a work hard and no recovery approach to developing your fitness levels can leave you with un-necessary body aches & pains. A sports massage can be be one step towards a speedier recovery. Massage is not the only solution, there are many ways to aid muscle recovery after a workout. These include; Foam rolling, a proper warm up & cool down, a stretching and mobility routine & keeping well hydrated.

So what do all these techniques have in common?

Reduces muscle soreness and pain in the body.

whilst working out or even just holding your self in one position, like sitting at a desk all day. your muscles start to get tight. Massaging your muscles help to move and lengthen the muscle tissues. Helping you to move freer without pain.

Increasing blood flow to the muscles.

Stimulating blood flow in the muscles helps to in a couple of ways. An increased blood flow to the muscles can help to more efficiently deliver the nutrients needed for healthy muscles. Blood moving freely throughout the muscle can also help to reduce high blood pressure.

Helps to remove any un-wanted waste products in the muscle.

For you fitness enthusiasts you’ll all be aware of the effects of lactic acid, this is a waste product found in your muscles from working out. this is just one example but massaging your muscles. releases any wasted products from your body.

Makes you feel good.

Just like exercising, a massage releases all those happy endorphins, due to increase blood flow to the muscles. Meaning you are guaranteed to leave feeling more relaxed than you did on before you arrived. great for anyone leading hectic lifestyles.

If you have any aches or pains or even if you just want to move a little more freely, please head over to my link. You’ll find prices in the description alongside my available time slots. If you don’t see a time that works for you, please send a message to [email protected]

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