Goal Review Push

Goal Review Push
Goal Setting

The only person your health and fitness goals are really important to is you, this means that we don’t always get chance to talk about them or make them a reality. If you’ve not sat down for a goal review in the last 3 months thats on us, but we want to make sure that everyone get the chance to have their say.

April is our Goal Review Blitz; we can’t get to our goal of helping you reach yours without talking to you about what that actually is. As instructors as Function Fitness we have set our own goal of talking to every single member about their goals. Why? because we want to help you reach yours faster.

Here’s how you can help us: book your 15 minute Goal Review Session here-

This is how it will go:

  • We’ll meet up and celebrate your wins over the last months.
  • Then we’ll ask about your next goals and your current progress.
  • Finally, we’ll make sure you have the perfect plan to achieve your goals.

You can also:

  • Ask questions.
  • Let us know about any life changes or big news.
  • Bring up any challenges (so we can help solve them!).
  • Tell us about recent accomplishments inside or outside the gym.
  • Catch up and chat.
  • Give us feedback.
  • Ask how we can help your friends and family become healthier.

As promised in you Free Intro we want to sit down with you every 90 days to be able to serve you better. It’s a massive upgrade to how we operate, and we are excited to see what goal setting will help you accomplish.

Book here or talk to your instructor during your sessions.

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