Make the most of your Massage

Why have Regular Massage?

It is important to make it regular to get the most out of your massage because the more time you leave, the more space to cover for the next session. But, how often? Well, once in a fortnight would be a good interval for everyone.

Its different tho If you are in a heavy training block or you have a more stressful environment in your lifestyle then consider having one more frequently. The periods people feel more stress both physically and mentally is most likely the time they will get injured or become ill. So don’t leave to long between the sessions.

However, on the other hand, having treatments too often is not a very good idea unless you are a professional athlete that requires to play matches or to compete every day. This is because our body has the ability to heal itself from physical and mental stress. If you receive a massage too often, your body gets too used to it and may decrease the ability of self-recovery (Don’t worry too much, no one would have a massage ever single day!!) Regular massage would be a good tool to stimulate and enhance the ability to make your own body heal quicker!

5 key things to remember before having a Massage

Below are some other situations on what to do and what not to do before your massage to ensure you always are getting the most from each session.

Make sure your ontime to the appointment. This may sound obvious for the reason of not wanting you to miss out on your appointment time but it could also effect your massage experience. If your flustered or stressed out upon entering the appointment because of running late or not being prepared it can impact on the time it takes your body to fully relax and enjoy the massage.

Don’t eat too much directly before. The last thing you want it to be led on your stomach or in a position where you can’t digest the food you just ate. It’s not good for the bodies digestive system and I’m sure taking the risk of getting ingestion Mid massage is not what most ppl would want.

Don’t drink loads before your massage either you don’t want to loose out on part of your massage because your need to dash of to the toilet midway through.

Keep your breathing slow and controlled. It’s quite important that you focus on your breath and making sure it stays normal. sometimes unitentionaly people will start to take less breaths when I massage the more sensative areas. Being self aware about your breathing is key.

Getting the timing right for you. Although there are many benifits of getting a massage directly before or immediately after exercise it can also be very beneficial to have one when you know you have a couple hours afterwards to relax. While our mind and body is in a relaxed state after a massage we may as well make the most of this reduced stress state and do other things to complement this when you get home. Meditation, taking a hot bath , reading whatever works for u to keep calm and chilled giving your body time to enjoy the way it feels after your sports massage.

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