Massage Myths

Massage has been around for thousands of years the first record or massage was in 1800 bc where it was written about in the Chinese medical text con-fu toa-tse they wrote about the therapeutic purpose of massage. Massage has changed massively since then and with it being around for so long people have their own opinions which are not always factual.

There are so many resources that supply us with information and facts about massage however alot of people might get the facts confused with the many “myths” out there. Below are the most common massage myths and then the correct truth that is related to its myth.

Myth 1. A good massage will leave me in pain the next day. No pain no gain.

Fact. You may experience some muscle soreness after your first massage or if its your first time having a new treatment but you should never be in physical pain that restricts movement. Hydration is also important post massage.

Myth 2. Massage therapy can fix it in one go.

Fact. No way! You are going to feel the immediate benefits of the massage along with the symptoms you previously had decreased unfortunately this is only temporary to feel the full effect of what massage can do and help your body you need to be having them more regularly. 

Myth 3. I don’t need to discuss any of my medical conditions with my massage therapist.

Fact. You should always have a conversation with your massage therapist about any medical conditions or things that could contraindicate a massage. ( skin conditions, current/recent injuries)

Myth 4. It’s unsafe to get a massage while pregnant.

Fact. Massage is completely safe if your pregnant it can be beneficial to both mother and baby. 

Myth 5. Massage will get rid of cellulite.

Fact. No massage will not reduce cellulite although by adding a massage as a part of your fitness routine it’s more likely to be a realistic outcome in the long run.

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