I’m tired and my motivation is in short supply right now- How our most active gym members are crushing it .

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Motivation Training in a group.


A year of being a prisoner in your own home and finding the motivation for fitness. I understand that that many of you have jobs allowing you to get out, if you can really class working getting out. If you do then that’s great, this post probably isn’t for you. I know my workplace isn’t the same during these lockdowns, much of my work is now done alone, if I’m lucky with the company of my personal camera lady. In life we are always planning, planing for the next stage of our lives, the next holiday, our next promotion… where was the warning so we could plan for this? When we are heading somewhere these external motivators help us through. When we are feeling unmotivated it can feel easier to stay on track when we have a goal like weight loss, for fitness, or toning up for a certain event. 

But what happens when we no longer have external (extrinsic) motivators to help us through? This is the fun part and can really help us to keep us going! When we are lacking in extrinsic motivators or outcome based drivers we can look for those internal (intrinsic) motivators. These are the motivators that mean that we can get through those enduring workouts and enjoy it… Crazy I know. When we are intrinsically motivated we feel motivated by the enjoyment of the activity itself, growing ourselves as an individual or simply for the challenge. 

How are the most active finding their motivation for fitness?

I could go on and on about how I find my motivation for fitness. I love working out and improving myself, I really do! In addition to my love of exercise, I also have the added benefit of you achieving and growing in your fitness journeys. So below I’m going to share some habits we see from the highly motivated and also some suggestions on finding the motivation within.

  • Focusing on improving a skill (growing as an individual). Some of the most productive exercisers during this lockdown have been the ones that have been able to focus on getting better at a skill. For many of our personal training customers this has been focusing on getting stronger under the barbell. 
  • Enjoy the process. It goes without saying that working out isn’t always the first thing you want to do. However, when you start seeing improvements, like finding those 10kg dumbbells easier to use (you know who you are) things start to get easier. You’ll certainly find yourself with a smile on your face! 
  • I don’t feel like it… another great tip is to just get it done. We regularly hear I’m struggling to workout right now. What we are really hearing is I don’t feel like it, when there’s nothing physically stopping us. You’ve got a lot to gain from exercising and you are sure to feel better afterwards. I get around this by working out as soon as I get up, it really helps. 
  • Belief in yourself. Have you ever believed in something so much that is has came true? I’m terrible for this one, however myself and Mike have had some unbelievable visions come true.… Spooky ay? When you believe in yourself it’s true that the journey won’t feel so difficult.

In need of some help?

Motivation for fitness isn’t something that’s easy to find all the time, so we suggest that searching for your why can be a great place to start. If in doubt workout, there are so many marvellous and positive gains from working out, It will always be worth it. For any help getting started or relighting that flame for fitness – Book a free intro here! 


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