Skip Christmas dinner this year to stay on top of your fitness goals!

Did we get you? Skip Christmas dinner this year to stay on top of your fitness goals!? You have got to be kidding! Forgive the misleading title, but we really did want to capture your attention for a few minutes…

If you’re not much of a story person, feel free to skip to the bottom of the page where we’ll be giving you our top tips to stay on top of your fitness goals this Christmas. If you like a Christmas tale; please read on!

Christmas, we all have our views on it and if you’ve been into any of my sessions you’ll know where I stand… That it is a fabulous time when we all get the chance to take a break spent time with family and enjoy ourselves in a joyous and stress free period of the year (Pinocchio may spring to mind).

I think my main trouble with the festive season is that it ruins all routine. I can feel the “get over yourself Charlie” comments battering the screen. “Just enjoy yourself over Christmas!” I hear you say. Trust me its not only Christmas where I struggle with the routine change… add in a social event to my normal weekly routine. or even worse planning a social event and then throwing in a last minute change of time/date; cue the internal (sometimes external) terrible two’s meltdown.

Before you label me Grinch; I actually do really enjoy spending time at home, having a few days away from the gym. Spending time at home is growing evermore important with the two boys! In the fitness industry we like to pretend & preach that staying motivated all year long is just the way it has to be, and in a perfect world it we would love for this to be the case. But the fitness industry often regards December & the months running up to it to be some of the most divisive months of the year;

  • For some of you you’ve pleasantly surprised yourself, we’ve definitely been pleasantly surprised with your commitment over the last couple of months. Training in December seems like a crazy idea, but you’ve made it through the dark mornings and cold days whilst still making progress to your fitness.
  • Some of you may be sat on the opposite side of the fence ..not quite managing to find the motivation or energy to keep the routine going.

Either way, if you’re excited for the break in routine or whether, like me, you find it challenging this is our advice for getting through the rest of December. Over Christmas we want you to take a week off guilt free (Yes! I said take a week off), go out enjoy time with your family get outside and explore the wonderful frosts and countryside that Torrington and the surrounding areas have to offer. Walk, Run, Cycle everyday. Not being at the gym doesn’t mean that you can’t keep active. From conversations on the gym floor there is a certain amount of apprehension about losing your gains (or gaining on your losses).

You probably will see an increase in weight over Christmas, but go out there and enjoy it. Don’t sweat over the diet (sorry Gemma), there are times to have your full focus on your diet and then others where staying active is enough. Being good and well if you listen to this advice, this is what you’ll expect on our return in January;

  • Your body will be appreciative of the rest. On return you are going to experience some great performances.
  • Even more focus & drive to reach your goals. Progress is not linear, and sometimes taking a step back can be the motivator to move even further forward.

If you are looking to start your journey, it begins with a free intro you can find our schedule here.. we’ll shortly be taking bookings for January.

If you are already part of the team; I’d like you to to do one thing head into our private facebook group and search your own Bright Spot Fridays (#BSF) and remind yourselves how far you have come over the last year. Trust me it will be worth it!

We’ll also be heading down for the 2022 new year dip at Westward Ho! On the 1st so bring your swimming costume or fancy dress, and get in the sea with us, thank you Kyla! Enjoy Christmas and the next week, we can’t wait to see you again so soon,


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