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Charlotte is back to help you to move better for longer.

Charlotte is back to help us at Function Fitness Fitness & you get rid of those aches and pains. Helping you to move was our first aim jumping out of various lockdowns. Now we are looking at ways to help you move better for longer, fitness is a long game after all. For you to make the progress you want you need to move consistently over time, minimising those aches, pains a dodging those injuries is going to be really valuable. Bringing Charlotte on board to deliver sports massage is really exciting step forward for us.

Sports massage coming soon

My Passion for healing.

You may all recognise me as I worked to cover Gemma whilst she was recovering from her knee injury. I’m extremely excited to be coming back on board to deliver sports massage and therapy.

Most recently graduated my level 3 sports massage and personal training diploma, to pursue my passion for massage. I’ve always loved sports & participated in gymnastics for over 10 years. During that time I experienced a multitude of injuries which lead me to a desire of helping others. Fighting my own injuries I discovered the powers of sports massage & this lead me to realise how beneficial it can be towards helping a you stay fit, healthy and moving well.

Why Sports Massage?

There are many benefits for choosing a sports massage for most of you and your goals alongside a pretty important part of life is to move well for the rest of your life. Many of you have already joined us in the gym to work on exactly this. Below we have given 3 reason why this might be beneficial to you –

  1. Massage can reduce small niggles that can be eased out before they become a training stoppage.
  2. Sports massage will improve your range of motion helping to prevent injury.
  3. Allows for a period of relaxation and upkeep which in turn helps to increase the level of performance.

We are back to the old school way of a paper (well google drive) diary whilst we develop this program. Sorry Mike not quite the slate and chisel you are used to. For booking or if you just want to know a little more about what Charlotte can do to help you please contact her on please email her here; [email protected]

If you’ve not quite got around to moving yet and would like to discuss how we can help you can book a free intro here.

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