SugarWOD Launch.

Okay this may seem a little sudden… I pressed a few buttons and may have drastically and accidentally sped up this SugarWOD launch. A huge win for all you lovely members, but if you’re confused, don’t panic! It’s new for all of us and we’ve got the basics covered here.

At Function Fitness, we​ absolutely love ​our supportive community. We love measuring progress and celebrating success. This all starts with our Free Intro, and then continues in our goal setting sessions. Our aim is to help you make progress in your fitness journey. The simplest way to do this is to gather data on where you are now and then use this as a comparison tool in 3 months time (if you haven’t already, please book in your 90 day goal review here).

What is sugarWOD?

In a nutshell, SugarWOD combines the fun of social media with the workout tracking tools we need to really measure progress.

I can hardly remember the exercises, how is adding another app going to benefit me?

For the less experienced athletes (and yes, you can call yourself an athlete now) SugarWOD is going to help you remember the most common lifts and know which weights to select. We know that in the beginning and for a little while this can be a challenge, one lift seemingly merges into another. Tracking your workouts and which weights you used will mean that you’ll easily be able to head back and check any previous history. So no more guessing those weights…You might even be able to lift a few more KG’s this time!

Commonly when we ask the question “are you feeling any fitter” we get a blank stare or a shrug with “I think so”. Tracking like this will help you see the progress you are making. You will see weights increasing and times taken to complete a certain workout decreasing. We can then use this to build your plan for the coming months and really get you towards your goals.

How do I use sugarWOD effectively?

Every day you’ll be able to see the daily workout on your app (Don’t worry- we’ll do the hard work on this bit, you won’t need to spend hours entering the entire workout!) Simply bring your phone with you to your session, open up SugarWOD and you can spend a few seconds entering your weights/ times/ or reps. It really is as simple as that.

So What do I have to do now?

If you are already a member we have set you up an account and you’ll have an email in your inbox. So download the app below and get logging your workouts!

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