When is the right time to have a Sports Massage.

How do i know when a massage would benefit me ?

It’s important to know when you need a massage and when it’s going to benefit your mind and body. There are tasks we do everyday that without realising could be making us feel achy or sore. Some specific activities that could be making your body feel tight or stiff:

Sitting at a desk or in the same position at work for 8 hours+ can cause problems with our posture and create minor aches in our body which over time can lead to more serious pain.

It could be that you’re super active and are required to do alot of physical exercise at work. This could be if you play sports professionally or if you do manual labour or are a fitness coach and always on the go.

Daily or weekly tasks like bringing logs into the house from the garden to use the wood burner where your body is having to move differently with added weight can cause strain on certain muscles.

If you are beginning to get headaches (stress related) more frequently getting a Massage would decrease how often you are suffering. When our back and shoulder muscles become tight it’s common that we then get tension headaches these quite often feel like a tightly stretched rubber band at the base connecting your skull and spine. Regular massages (around shoulders focusing on your trapezius) will help reduce the tension in the muscle.

Feeling a bit down in the dumps? one of the best ways to release all your happy hormones like serotonin (this is the mood stabilising chemical in our body)is to get a massage. You’re also lowering you’re heart rate and you’re body’s cortisol levels by receiving a massage this happens by your body relaxing. you don’t need to be in pain to have a massage.

When shouldn’t you get a massage?

Its also important to be able to know the situations when you shouldn’t have a massage this could be:

A local contraindication this is a condition such as bruising, burns, scars, broken bones and some skin conditions these specific areas can not be treated however other unaffected ares of the body still can be.

If you’re pregnant make sure if you have a massage that the person is fully qualified for the specific massage u require. All massages in the first trimester of pregnancy should avoid the abdomen.

If you have a fever of any sort a cold, flue or infection you shouldn’t get a massage. If it’s contagious and can be spread you shouldn’t go to your appointment we can re arrange for another time.

Make sure you always prioritize your medical needs!

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