Where to Start When You Do Not Have the Energy to Exercise!


More frequently than you’d think I get someone who comes through the door and who has suffered from some sort of mental exhaustion, from Anxiety to Stress, or depression. I’m sure we all suffer from these in a certain way, I know I certainly let the stress of business break me down. I also know that when I lack mental energy it can present itself as feeling physically drained. If you lack the feeling of energy I want to help you find it again. 

Finding energy in your day-to-day life. 

Now I feel a bit of a fraud writing this, I’ve positioned myself to help you live a more fulfilled life. I don’t work a job that is physically demanding so who am I to talk? However I do work long hours and regularly find myself feeling the pressure. Today’s stance on living a fulfilled life starts with the idea of creating more energy. With more energy, you’ll be able to give more to your day-to-day life. Don’t worry if you don’t work a physically demanding job either, all will become clear throughout this text. 

Be honest with yourself, what really suffers when you are tired and lack energy? It’s usually not your job. It’s YOUR own free time. You put all your energy into surviving your working career, leaving you too exhausted for anything else. 

I really value the support of my friends, I love it when they believe in what I’ve created so much that they’ve got to be part of it themselves. I’m going to tell you about my mate Gav, he’s now very functionally fit and is crushing his progress in the gym.  

Sometimes I get a little envious of Gav’s energy. He works as a scaffolder, which has high physical demands on the body. Despite this, he’ll show up before 6 am or at 5:30 pm after grafting all day. Either way, he’ll be able to bring the same energy for both sessions.

How with such a physically demanding job is this even possible to find that much energy? 

Two different types of fatigue may be holding you back. 

I think this is a really important stance to take on energy level and hope thinking about it like this gives you the motivation you need to get moving. Quite often the excuse for not starting a fitness regimen is having low energy. We usually attribute to having low physical energy, “I’ve not got the energy to move”. The knock on effect of this idea of low energy can even stop us from showing up to our fitness routine. 

What if I told you that feeling physically exhausted is actually a symptom of being mentally fatigued? Have you ever experienced the mind fog ruining all motivation, do you find yourself exploding with a short fuse, do you lack concentration or focus?

These could all be indicators that you are actually just lacking mental energy or are mentally exhausted. 

Is it a Mental or Physical lack of energy? 

A simple start would be to reflect on how much you have moved in the last 48 hours. If the answer is “I’ve done a minimal amount of movement”, then you are probably not experiencing physical fatigue, this is great news for you. When it’s not physical fatigue it’s probably actually your mind getting in the way. I have one simple way of getting through this; Head out and move. If you are mentally not physically fatigued, you’ll be able to do it. You’ll feel much better about moving as well. 

Improving your fitness even when you have low energy?

With a quick search of the internet, you’ll find loads of suggestions, most of them fit into these categories we call the SEMM model. 

  • Sleep 
  • Eat 
  • Move 
  • Manage

 It is true; moving more can give you more energy. If you’d like some help implementing strategies around the SEMM model book into a No Sweat Intro

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