You are NEVER too unfit to join our gym

You’ve probably not even paid too much attention to it yet. That is the slow decline of the your health and fitness. A decline that is so gradual that you just kind of got used to your underperforming body. The lack of libido and unwillingness to get outside to enjoy the world you live in has become the norm. You’ve been forced to STAY-AT-HOME for well over a year, possibly two years. You slip right out of bed in your pyjamas or your comfies right into your home office. Fingers crossed they don’t make you return to the office anytime soon…

Breaking the cycle isn’t easy and usually starts with some subtle hints, hints you probably ignored to start with. Hints like the dreaded inside feeling you get looking in the mirror, or maybe the tightly fitting clothes. You then either finally leave the house & hope not to bump into anyone you know. You know deep down that you need to make a change… but all those instagram gym bods strike the fear of God into you. There’s no way you can step foot inside a gym. You wouldn’t know what to do. You wouldn’t be able to keep up. You’re too unfit.

Believe it or not being unfit is such a great place to start. For one you’ll have a really strong reasons for committing to your fitness journey but it will mean you’ll have a lot of really quick successes to celebrate. The more quick wins you get the easier it is to stay on track & more likely you’ll be to see your fitness journey through. I’m also going to bet you’re probably not as unfit as you think you are!

How am I so confident it’s going to be easy to start?

Here at Function Fitness we follow a system a system to figure out where your fitness is right now, a system call Level Method. The first step is to assess where you are starting from using 15 different measures of fitness. At this point you are going to surprise yourself, starting off that domino effect of quick wins. After you’ve completed these 15 categories of fitness we’ll be able to give you an overall picture of your levels of fitness and movement. You’ll get a level to work at in our sessions to ensure you can work out safely, without working too hard or feeling lost in the sessions. It also means that the fittest are the ones that finish last. You’ll be waiting for them to catch up with you!

I’d love to help you get over that feeling of being too unfit. We’ve built our gym on doing exactly that. Let us help you feel better about about living in your own skin. To get thing things going book a FREE INTRODUCTION to see how we can help you. You’ll find the link at the bottom of the page.

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