Christina Thomas’ Reflective Journey: Two and a Half Years at Function Fitness

Embarking on a fitness journey is often accompanied by a mix of nerves, excitement and determination. In today’s client spotlight, we chat with the lovely Christina Thomas about her transformative journey at Function Fitness.

Two and a half years ago, Christina took that first step through our doors at Function Fitness, feeling a surge of nerves but hopeful for what lay ahead. Like many others, Christina’s initial motivation for joining was driven by a specific goal: to lose weight for her best friend’s wedding. However, what began as a quest to shed a few pounds evolved into something much more profound. Despite the wedding coming and going, Christina has found herself consistently showing up to the gym three to four times a week, driven not just by the desire to meet a goal, but by the joy of the journey itself.

Looking back on her time at Function Fitness, Christina is amazed at how far she’s come. From “struggling to squat with just the bar to confidently lifting significant weight”, the progress Christina has made is a testament not only to the effectiveness of the training, but Christina’s commitment to consistency. Every milestone reached is a cause for celebration, reminding herself of the power of perseverance and determination.

As Christina continues her journey at Function Fitness, her goals have evolved beyond just weight loss. While she still strives to challenge herself physically and test her limits, Christina’s focus now is on personal growth and “pushing myself out of my comfort zone”. To anyone considering joining Function Fitness, Christina says “it’s the most amazing, supported gym I’ve ever been to!”

One of the cornerstones of Christina’s journey at Function Fitness has been her testimony to our incredible team – “the coaches are amazing”.

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