Function Fitness: Kai’s Journey to Health, Community and Personal Growth

Today in the client spotlight, we’re super excited to share the inspiring journey of one of our valued members, Kai Thomas, a dedicated participant of our community who has embarked on an incredible fitness journey so far with us.

Kai began his journey with Function Fitness at the start of the year, inspired by the idea of a fresh start to his fitness journey. With the support and encouragement of his wife, Chrissy, he took the leap into the world of Functional Fitness. Like many, he had tried various gyms in the past, but struggled to stay motivated working out alone. However, upon stepping into Function Fitness and feeling the energy of the coaches during his fundamentals sessions, he knew he had found his place and really enjoyed the energy our coaches gave him.

Kai’s initial goal was clear: to lose weight and become fitter. Through consistent effort and dedication, he has made significant progress, shedding an incredible 1.3 stone (approximately 18 pounds) in just three months. This achievement not only speaks of his commitment but also to the effectiveness of our programs in helping members reach their goals.

At Function Fitness, we pride ourselves in offering a supportive and inclusive community. Kai emphasises the importance of this community in his journey. He describes Function Fitness as “a great community and atmosphere where everyone is friendly and the coaches are amazing at what they do.”

No fitness journey is without its challenges. For Kai, one memorable challenge (albeit also being his shining moment) was joining the intergames prep course early on. What he initially thought would focus on technique, turned out to be a gruelling workout that pushed him to his limits. Yet, despite the intensity of 150 thrusters and 65 burpees, he “felt amazing after”. A testament to his resilience and the transformative power of group support.

When asked about his shining moments, Kai reflects on the overall experience, the sense of achievement after each workout and the joy of seeing progress over time. Looking ahead, his future goals are simple yet profound: to continue his fitness journey, prioritise healthy eating and enjoying his time with us at Function Fitness.

To those on the fence about joining our community, Kai offers a resounding endorsement: “Do it…it can be a daunting place to join, but once you’re there you’ll be hooked”.

Kai, as many of you I’m sure can relate, shared his past struggles with consistency in exercise and how Function Fitness transformed this into an enjoyable hobby. By finding a shared interest with his wife and immersing himself in our community, he has discovered a newfound passion for fitness.

Join us next time to delve into Kai’s wife Chrissy’s journey at Function Fitness as we hear about how she wants to keep pushing herself out of her comfort zone!

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