Client Spotlight – Andrew

In today’s client spotlight, we delve into Andrew’s  journey with Function Fitness. Struggling to maintain weight loss solely through cardio, Andrew found himself at a fitness crossroads. Looking for help, he turned to Function Fitness. Taking on a tailored approach that emphasized weight training and diversified cardio exercises, Andrew discovered a newfound control over his fitness journey.

 Now boasting visible biceps and a changing body shape, in this interview he reflects on increased confidence, improved body image, and a sense of pride in his ongoing transformation. 

Join us as Andrew shares his experience, highlighting the positive impact of Function Fitness on his physical and mental well-being. 

Before joining Function Fitness, what did you struggle with?

Although I had put a massive effort into exercising over the pandemic and had slimmed down, I’d got to the point where, although I was fitter, I didn’t know how to sustain the weight loss without doing excessive cardio exercises. This was both unsustainable and risking injury. My upper body strength was also poor, but having barely touched weights since leaving school, I didn’t have the confidence or the knowledge to know how to train with weights. So, I got to the point in my fitness journey when I literally felt ‘I don’t know what I’m doing, help!’ – and that’s pretty much what I said to Charlie when I first saw him about joining Function Fitness.

What had you tried in the past and why didn’t it work for you?

I focussed exclusively on cardio exercises – walking, and then running – to build up calorie deficits. At first it worked really well and I shed a lot of weight. But after I got ‘slim’, I found that to burn off enough calories to build up a deficit, I had to go on longer and longer walks/runs which just wasn’t practical. I also realised doing successive walks/runs was punishing on my body and risked injury.

How did you feel after trying these things?

I enjoy my cardio work outs but I was starting to fear that I was putting weight back on again and I got to the point where I felt ‘I don’t know what I’m doing!’, and it was having a detrimental impact on my motivation and confidence.

What have you done at FF that is different to things you have tried in the past?

LOTS! My main focus has been on weight training and gaining upper body strength so press-ups, back squats, power cleans, etc. I’d barely touched a set of weights for 20 years before I set foot in Function Fitness. Charlie has also given me different cardio exercises to do which has also made my runs more interesting. Before I’d just run from home for a set distance (e.g 5K) and then stop when I got back to my front door. Now I do walks and sprints, warmups, and so on, all of which is helping to build up my strength and resilience.

What benefits have you seen or felt since joining FF?

I have visible biceps for the first time in my life! My body shape is starting to change but this time I feel I am in control of it. Clothes that were starting to get tighter now seem to be a comfortable fit again, and in some cases even looser. I am expecting more changes but prior to joining FF I didn’t understand what was happening with my body or feel that I was in control of it. I honestly felt that I was on a downward path of putting weight back on and turning back into the pre-pandemic fat version of me again!

Have you seen any additional benefits to your life?

My food and nutrition has, (apart from the occasional lapse!) also improved and I have more regular, balanced meals, than when I first joined FF. I think my general wellbeing, both physically and mentally, has got better. I’ve never been confident about my body image and having been overweight for most of my life, I now feel for the first time ever that I will have a body that I can be proud of.

How do you feel now?

Happier, healthier, fitter. What’s not to like?!

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