From home workouts to the gym – Nats Story

Here we have Gemma Talking to Nat about her success at Function Fitness.

Hi Guys, Gemma from Function Fitness here I am just going to have a quick chat with Nat, and we are going to talk about her amazing strength gains she’s made in the last couple of months and just get to know her a little bit more.

What first brought you to Function Fitness? 

Well basically during the first lockdown I was doing home workouts, and I also did the couch to 5k and then I kinda got more into a pattern of working out which is what I’ve always wanted to do. Then my friend asked if I wanted to come along to the bootcamp here, did that, loved it and then once it had finished I really missed coming regularly and also really enjoyed doing a bit of strength training during that. Then the fundamentals, you started advertising for them so I thought I would give it a go and I really, really enjoyed it. And yeah now I come 3 times a week and loving it. 

Amazing and so what did you think about the gym when you first came in? What were your first impressions?

I was really nervous- but everybody was just so nice and welcoming.

So that leads me on to my next question. Has that first impression changed? 

Yeah now I walk in and don’t even think about it. Like I really look forward to it actually. It’s been brilliant.

Good, So when you joined was there something specific that you were looking to do or something you wanted to achieve or any sort of goals you had? 

It was to do more weights really because at home I had only had the opportunity to do body weight exercises. Yeah to explore that and build my strength up really.

Have you found that it helps you in any everyday tasks that you might do? So you are feeling stronger has it changed anything you do around the house or things you do in your everyday life?  

My job can be quite physical, sometimes, but yeah it just made me feel more confident really that’s the main thing.

 Is there anything specific that you want to work on now? Or anything you are looking to do within the next few weeks?

Just to continue building my strength really, I am able to press ups now which i was never able to do before and another goal of mine is to do a pull up. Yeah you have to practice them a lot yeah I can imagine.

Have you got a favourite lift? Or anything you really enjoy doing specifically?

I really like using the kettlebells, they are really good. And I really like using the barbell as well and that is something I would really like to improve on as well.

Tell me something that makes you really proud of yourself?

Being able to do the press up yeah 100%, so you said you couldn’t do 1 before and know you can do 7 unbroken. Yeah so I have never been able to do one. It’s always been something I have tried to do but never built up that strength I suppose and now I can do 7 and I’m so chuffed about it. You should be its really amazing.

What would you say to somebody if they were thinking about signing up but they are a little bit unsure? What would you say?

 I would say just do it because once you break through that barrier and you come and get to know everybody like everyone, all the coaches here are lovely. And everyone makes you feel so welcome and everyone else who comes to the gym is so lovely as well and I just think that once you come. Yeah get yourself out of your comfort zone you’ll love it.

Amazing, Thanks Nat that was a really great chat, we answered a few questions, and feel like we got to know Nat a little bit better and we will see you soon.


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