First Sports Massage? What to expect

Is this your first time having a Sports Massage? Or maybe you’re worried or don’t know what to expect in your massage session. I am answering some of the most frequently asked questions relating to massage and am going to explain everything you need to know before going to an appointment.

Before the massage begins

At your appointment your massage therapist should introduce themselves and will then sit down and have a chat with you. This will be a  discussion for roughly 10 minutes between you and your massage therapist making sure that any medical conditions, old injuries, recent injuries or any contraindications for a massage are known about and logged. If there is a specific problmed area on your body that you are getting treatment for you might be asked for permission for a photo to be taken of the area so that any progress made (increased range of movement) can be tracked.

Some questions you could expect to be asked:

Do you have any injuries past/current?

How does the discomfort you experience affect your daily life?

What is the level of pain or discomfort that you experience? (1-10)

Do you have any medical conditions?Have you had a massage before?

Now that you and your massage therapist have discussed all the details about why you are having massage treatment you should be shown to a changing room or give you privacy so you can undress and then get comfortable on the massage couch. Depending on the area of body being treated you will want to be in as little clothing as possible so that your massage therapist can work to the best of there ability and you get the best results. If you are new and never had a massage before you may feel uncomfortable being so exposed so you could use a towel to cover the body parts not needed for the massage. Massage therapists should provide towels or blankets to cover up with and keep the tempreture comfortable too.

Whilst your having your massage don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

Most frequently asked questions:

When should I avoid getting a massage?

If you have a cold or fever or any contagious skin conditions you shouldn’t have a massage. Chemotherapy and other serious medical treatments will also mean you shouldn’t have a massage.

What do you wear for a massage?

Wear whatever is comfortable for you to appointment but for the main part of the massage you will need to be undressed. So if i were massaging your lower body you would need to be in shorts or underwear and upper body massage you would need to be ideally top less or in a bra. Towels can be used to cover up once you are undressed so that only the body part needed is on show if you wish.

Will the massage hurt?

No the massage shouldn’t hurt. If you have lots of “knots” then yes you may feel some discomfort and soreness at the time of massage or even a day or two after but most of the time this is only after your first massage and your body quickly becomes used to it.

What if I have body acne or forgot to shave?

Don’t stress! We have seen it all before if you simply forgot to shave or have acne on your back it doesn’t matter and won’t affect the massage. Try your best to not feel anxious when going for a massage unshaved or spotty it’s normal and  nothing to be embarrassed about.

Do you talk during a massage?

It’s up to you! Some people will completely relax to the point where there asleep and therefore arnt too chatty but other people will happily have a conversation throughout there whole massage. Also speak up If the temperature of the room isn’t comfortable for you or the pressure of massage isn’t quite right.

Massage Myths

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